Make KYC
Model V7
Type Standard Van
Range City 285Km / Combined 235Km
Battery Capacity
Max Speed
Cargo volume 5.9m3
Payload 1105kg
Height 1.995m
Length 4.8m
Description The KYC V7 is built to handle heavy loads while also contributing to environmental conservation.






The KYC V7 is equipped with a vibrant 7-inch color touchscreen digital infotainment system, along with blue-tooth connectivity to keep you fully connected where-ever you go


KYC V7 utilizes CATL’s top-tier lithium iron phosphate battery, a globally recognized leader in EV battery technology. Since 2018, it has maintained its global leadership position in EV battery industry, a testament to its exceptional quality and reliability.


Inovance electric motors are known for its high efficiency, reliability and precision control. With a commitment to innovation and performance, Inovance electric continues to push the boundaries of electric motor technology, driving forward the transition to a more sustainable and efficient future.

3-Mode Drive System

The KYC V7 boats a versatile 3-mode drive system, offering drivers different experiences for various driving scenarios. The normal mode provides a balanced everyday drive, while the Eco mode prioritizes energy efficiency, and the sport mode enhances performance. Additionally, its 4-level adjustable regenerative braking system efficiently recaptures energy while braking, extending the driving range by recycling energy back to the battery.

Durable Interior

Factory fitted with aluminum chequered plate cargo flooring, the van is excellent for daily use because it is lightweight, durable, anti-slip and corrosion resistant. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and adds practicality and professionalism to the van’s interior.

Provider of Perfect Servicing
And Maintenance