At Skylink Group, we are the fastest growing commercial vehicle dealer when it comes to diversified solutions.  With a diverse fleet of over 1000 commercial vehicles, ranging from small vans, standard vans, minibuses, 10ft light-duty trucks, 14ft-20ft medium-duty trucks, 24ft heavy-duty trucks, and prime movers, we’ve got all your business transportation and logistical needs covered.

Our young and meticulously maintained fleet ensures optimal performance and reliability. With our commercial vehicle leasing services, you can streamline your operations and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of an up-to-date fleet that meets the demands of your industry.

Whether you need vehicles for last-mile deliveries, goods transportation, or passenger transport, Skylink Group provides tailored leasing solutions to keep your business moving with our reliable and cost-effective commercial vehicle rental solutions. Experience the benefits of partnering with us for commercial vehicle leasing, and optimize your logistics for success.

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Short / Long Term Leasing

Benefits of Leasing over Purchase

Looking to streamline your transportation and logistical needs without the burden of high capital investment? Skylink Vehicle Rental offers a seamless solution. Our commercial vehicle leasing services are not only hassle-free but also cost-effective, allowing your business to scale up rapidly.


  • Zero Capital Investment: No need for a substantial upfront capital investment.
  • All-Inclusive: Our leases cover everything from insurance and road tax to vehicle servicing, LTA inspection, and warranty.
  • Depreciation-Free: You won’t have to worry about vehicle depreciation costs.
  • No Repair or Breakdown Costs: We handle repairs and breakdowns, ensuring cost overruns are a thing of the past.
  • Minimal Downtime: In the event of a repair, we provide a replacement vehicle to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Recovery: Our assistance is available round the clock, offering peace of mind.


At Skylink Vehicle Rental, we prioritize vehicle reliability. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous maintenance at our Skylink Engineering and workshop before and after every leasing period, including a full cabin sterilization treatment. Our trained leasing specialists conduct thorough physical inspections before handing over the vehicle to you.

Experience the convenience of Skylink Vehicle Rental’s commercial vehicle leasing services. We empower businesses to thrive by taking care of your transportation needs efficiently and professionally.