Why leasing is more beneficial for businesses

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Happenings | 0 comments

High COEs and steep depreciation cost? Not to worry, read this article and find out why leasing is more beneficial for your business!


1. No maintenance cost 

By leasing a vehicle from us, maintenance expenses such as routine inspection, oil/tire change or even change of vehicle parts are covered  by us!

Term lease provides a predictable financing model, the extra cash compared to owing a fleet can be used towards other areas for your business.


2. Depreciation cost 

You would not need to worry about the depreciation cost of your vehicle, You would only need to cover the monthly leasing cost!


3. Flexibility 

By leasing you’re able to switch to different vehicles over time to suit your business needs/requirements with just a simple leasing agreement.


4. Vehicle replacement during breakdowns

Even the best vehicles do breakdown at certain times. By leasing from us, we would provide an immediate vehicle replacement should your vehicle breakdown.


5. No ownership, no worries!

Over here at Skylink, we provide full fledged in-house services to take care of your vehicle and dedicated relationship manager to see to your needs as you grow your business!