Why Diesel Is Better Than EV When It Comes To Heavy Duty Cargo

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Electric vehicles save money and the environment but when it comes to hauling large and heavy cargo over long distances, combustion-powered trucks are the trucker’s choice on road.

Combustion-powered trucks have been hauling cargo since 1896 when the first truck was invented by Gottlieb Daimler, which is better known as Daimler Benz later. Over 126 years later, Combustion-powered trucks remained the preferred choice for truckers in moving cargo and goods around the world. We share why EV (Electric Vehicle) powered trucks will not replace ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered trucks any time soon.

Credit Image: Mercedes-Benz Group Media

Diesel Engines Last Longer

Diesel fuel is a light oil that handles part of the lubrication of the engine parts and acts as a natural lubricant. With regular servicing, most diesel engines can easily give 300,000km mileage or more as they are intended for long-distance, low torque running with a load.

Diesel Engines Go Further

Most class 3 trucks, which can be customized with 10-20ft cargo space come with a minimum 30 Gallion Fuel Tank. Assume the average MPG (Miles Per Gallion) is 16 MPG, which gives a range of 480 Miles (772km). Or take any diesel mid-size diesel van (70L fuel tank) assuming 8.6km/L will still give a range of 600 km. 

P.s You only need 5 mins to top-up fuel and go. With EV, your recharge time is by hours

Diesel Engines Provide More Pulling Power

Nearly all long-haul trucks that travel between Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore use diesel engine trucks. Diesel-powered trucks can pull more cargo and heavier loads over long-distance rough terrains better than EVs. 

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