Motorcycles : The Ultimate Urban Transporter

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The modern day motorcycle is fast, zippy around traffic snarls and really so much fun to ride with the wind in your face. For work or leisure, the motorcycle is an essential transport for many urbanites. Despite high COE and fuel prices, this 2 wheeler (or 3 in some models) is still the cheapest private mode of transport in Singapore. Read on to find out why.

$0.65 Parking - All Day

Yes, under ‘per minute’ parking, motorcycles are charged 0.3 cents per minute - equal to 20 cents an hour up to a maximum of 65 cents per parking session (all day) and monthly season parking only costs between $15 - 17 per bike. For those using for despatch and food deliveries, its extremely affordable.

Half Price ERP (Electronic Road Pricing)

Did you know motorcycles only pay half-price for ERP. ($0.50 to $6) vs ($0.25 to $3)

Road Tax

An average 1,500 cc vehicle pays around $686 on road tax, while a 200cc motorcycle pays only $62.56. That’s 10x less per annum.


The average fuel tank capacity for motorcycles is between 8-11 litres, which together with station and credit card discounts usually costs less than $32 to fill and easily lasts a week based on *S$2.76/L for 95-octane petrol across brands.

COE Price (Certificate of Entitlement)

Let’s just compare between Cat C (Goods Vehicle) vs Cat D (Motorcycles) as of last bidding result 21-Sept. Cat C went up $2,012 to $67,001 while Cat D went up $288 to $11,589. That’s 5.7 times cheaper and if you compare against Cat A ($84,000) that’s 7.2 times cheaper.

Body Price with COE

It costs more than $80,000 to get the most affordable mini van with COE from most dealers in Singapore. Based on 30% cash downpayment for the van, one can also complete a full cash payment of a 2A bike (200-400cc) with COE and have spare changes to ‘zeng’ up your ride with additional compartment boxes or choose a smaller, less powerful class 2A motorcycles for even more savings.

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