5 Things you should know before buying an EV

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Happenings | 0 comments

Planning to buy an EV Vehicle soon? Here are some tips and tricks to help kickstart your EV ownership!


1. Grant & Rebates

EV Early Adoption Incentive – From 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2024, EV Vehicle owners will receive rebate of 45% off their Additional Registration Fee (ARF)

The rebate is currently capped at $20,000 with a revised cap of $15,000 starting from 2024.


2. Where can i charge my vehicle? 

There are over 3,600 charging points located all over Singapore. Simply download MyTransport.sg app to find one nearest to you!


3. Range of EV Vehicles

With a single full charge, EV Vehicles are expected to travel upwards of 300km.

The Range of an EV Vehicle is largely dependent on the battery size (the larger the battery, the longer the range).


4. Cost Savings – EV vs Petrol Vehicles 


5. EV Vehicles Maintenance 

Unlike petrol vehicles, there are fewer moving parts in an EV vehicle. As such there are lesser wear and tear, which means maintenance cost is significantly lower.

You can expect to save about 40-50% of maintenance fees as compared to petrol vehicles.